Latvian Reading Association

Latvian Reading association was founded in 1993, it has renewed its activities in 2004.

Vision Statement
LRA shall be an organization for all people in Latvia who are interested in reading and teaching of reading at all levels

Mission statement
LRA shall contribute to the development of an educated, democratic society by facilitating professional competitiveness in the modern world

Goals of the association:

  • to popularize reading as a value
  • to foster reading literacy in all levels of education
  • to promote research on reading and writing in Latvia
  • to promote teaching critical thinking in Latvia

The work of the LRA is organized in the following subcommittees:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Research on reading and writing (OECD PISA, PIRLS and other international comparative studies)
  • Pupils and students as readers (pre-school, basic school, secondary school, university level)
  • Adults as readers
  • Research on text-books (intercultural and bilingual education aspects)
  • Library as a resource for encouraging reading

LRA actively participates in the work of International Reading Association bodies, IDEC, Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking European Consortium

For further information contact us
Dzirnavu iela 34a – 8
Riga LV-1010,

Sandra Kalnina – president of Latvian Reading Association

Irena Freimane – vice-president of Latvian Reading Association

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