Global dimension in Social Sciences subjects in Formal Education

(Nr.DCI-NSAED /2012/280-401) 

We invite everyone to participate in the international global education conference “Global dimension in education and future possibilities” which will take place on November 14, 2013 in Riga, in Albert Hotel. The participants of the conference will be education and policy experts from Latvia and the partner countries of the project – United Kingdom and Estonia, the representatives from schools who will explore the topicality of the global theme and possibilities of its integration in education in Latvia and other European countries. The results of the Study on the presence of global dimension in social science subjects will be presented in the conference. More


On November 21-23, 2013 we will start work with the teams of 21 schools in the introductory seminar in Sigulda. The aim of the seminar is to acquaint participants with the understanding and methods of working with themes of global education in school. Along with practical sessions the participants will get acquainted with the experts’ views, personal experience stories, the practical examples from other schools of Latvia, films, etc.  The approbation of the materials in schools of Latvia will start after the seminar.


The work of the project team in October, firstly, is connected with the selection of the project schools.   21 schools of Latvia have confirmed their participation and cooperation with us in studying the global issues in the next two years. The interest on the part of schools of Latvia has been great which allows us thinking that the theme is topical. Unfortunately, we are able to cooperate only with the teams of 21 schools. We will try to involve those interested in other events envisaged in the project – in seminars, conferences, discussions as well as we invite for active participation in the e-environment for the next two years.  

Secondly, the electronic and printed version of the Report on the presence of global dimension in formal education is being prepared in October. Starting from November 14, it will be available in the home page of the project under STUDY. Report on Study about Development Education Aspects in Social Sciences.

Thirdly, the project team is planning an international conference on global education in Rīga, in November 14. The aim of the conference is to make the global education issues topical and to acquaint a broader society with the results of the study which is vital for further direction of the project. Along with this event the project team is preparing also the first training seminar which will last for three days for the school teams participating in the project – al in all 84 participants.



The Study on the presence of global education in social sciences subjects was started in March. The in-depth study will be carried out simultaneously in three countries – Latvia, Great Britain and Estonia. Besides each partner organization in the project will research the situation also in other European countries. Leeds DEC along with the study of the situation in Great Britain will research the situation in Poland, Austria and Germany. Mondo, in its turn, along with the study in Estonia will examine the experience in global education in Cyprus, Finland and the Netherlands. EDC along with the study of situation in Latvia will look into the situation in Lithuania, Czech Republic and Slovenia.


The official opening of the project “Global dimension in social science subjects” took place on February 7, 2013 in Education Development center. The specialists in the field and representatives of the society at large learnt about the aims of the project, cooperation possibilities and the expected outcomes. The professionals and those interested in education, foreign affairs and development issues discussed the situation of development/global education in Latvia and the possibilities of introducing effectively the global dimension in education.


The first face-to -face meeting of the project partners was organized in Riga on January 31and February 1, 2013. The aim of this meeting was to agree on common cooperation during the project and to work out the closest steps for performing the study on development/global education issues. The study is one of the key tasks in the first year of the project and it involves all partners from Great Britain and Estonia and Latvia. The study will provide a comprehensive overview on the place and role of development/global education in the education of European countries. The project team received recommendations from professionals in the field of education and researchers. The results of the study will be presented in the conference in Riga in October, 2013.



The project “Global dimension in Social Sciences subjects” is implemented by the Education Development center in cooperation with LEEDS DEC (United Kingdom), Mondo (Estonia) un the British Council in Latvia. The project is implemented in the framework of the European Union Cooperation office „EuropeAid” with the financial support from the European Union.


Overall objective. To promote education for development and to raise public awareness of development issues in Latvia, Estonia and the UK as well as across the Europe. To increase the awareness among young people about the interdependent world and to support their active engagement in creating fairer relationships in the world.


Specific objective. To integrate DE themes across the Social Sciences curriculum, cooperate with national educational authorities to institutionalize DE in formal education, build a network among DE experts in Latvia, Estonia and the UK and other EU countries, develop a set of DE methodological materials and tools for measuring effectiveness.


Target group(s). Teachers, Students, Policymakers and education experts, Local Authorities


Main activities:

  1. The work of the project core group (project management).
  2. DE Study and integration of results in Social sciences.
  3. Development of DE Programs, Impact Assessment, Student Forums and learning materials.
  4. Multiplying and experience exchange of DE programs and learning materials in partner countries and EU.
  5. Public relation and media work.


Total duration of the project is 36 months (January 2013 – December  2015)


Contact information:

Education Development Centre (EDC) Latvia , Iveta Vērse,

Leeds Development Education Center (UK),, Adam Ranson,

NGO Mondo (Estonia),, Johanna Helin,


British Council Latvia (Latvia),, Ilze Saleniece,

 Development and Cooperation Office EuropeAid


The contents of this document is the sole responsibility of  Education Development Centre and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.

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