Interaction, diversity and tolerance


Duration of the project May1, 2012 – November 15, 2012
The aim of the project is to promote the societal integration in Riga and to facilitate the formation of a knowledgeable, consolidated society by improving the Riga educators’ interaction, tolerance skills as well as their skills of accepting the diversity.
The issues of forming a tolerant, conformable and integrated society are very topical in the whole world. The problem of intolerance is topical also for the society of Latvia; it may concern any inhabitant of Latvia, Riga including. The school and education, in their turn, are part of the society where the teacher’s work and personal example influences significantly the society integration and intercultural interaction. Teachers are active promoters of their pupils’ learning process. Teachers, both consciously and unconsciously pass on to the students their values and attitudes therefore it is essential that teachers are fully and clearly aware of the stereotypes that dominate in the society. The teachers’ professional capacity as well as the personality needs development in this rapidly changing time, which can be ensured by effective and topical professional development (further education) – seminars, practical workshops and supervisions.
This project is based on, firstly, the development of teaching/learning programs and support materials, secondly, formation of mutual support system of teachers.  The four practical learning seminars the participants were offered the program, materials and support for exploring, analyzing and solving the diversity, the prevailing stereotypes and problem situations existing in the society, which in their further educational work with pupils, colleagues and parents will promote the formation of a solid and democratic society in Riga. The program offers its participants knowledge and improves their understanding of intercultural and integration issues and provides practical materials, which will improve the teachers’ everyday practice.
The project is funded by the Education, culture and sports department, Riga Municipality (Rīgas dome) in the framework of the Society integration program.

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